Our commercial air conditioning services are unrivaled. Here at Lee’s Summit Heating and Cooling, we specialize in commercial AC installation, repairs and seasonal preventive maintenance.

Offering exceptional client service and cost-effective commercial AC solutions, our team preserves the comfort and safety of your facility, year-round.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

• Split-system air conditioners
• Ductless AC
• Package unit cooling systems
• Commercial rooftop HVAC units

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

To protect your cooling investment, we offer regular system inspections, cleaning and safety checks. Statistics show that well-maintained HVAC systems can last years longer than neglected systems. This can greatly effect your facility’s budget.
Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Energy Savings:
Inefficient HVAC systems can drain cash flow without improving the comfort of your business. With Lee’s Summit/Blue Springs Heating and Cooling system inspections, you’ll enjoy high-performance cooling while reducing energy use and lowering utility bills.

Preventative Maintenance:
In addition to maximizing the energy efficiency of your facility’s HVAC system, Lee’s Summit/Blue Springs Heating and Cooling preventive maintenance plans allow our technicians to pinpoint problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly With Commercial Air Conditioning Services

If your air conditioning isn’t functioning, your business isn’t functioning either. Lee’s Summit Heating and Cooling has the professional experience to keep your facility cool–and profitable.

Call Lee’s Summit Heating and Cooling today for your commercial air conditioning installation or maintenance needs – (816) 525-7218 & (816) 228-7700

To learn more about our A/C service, or to request an estimate, contact us today. We will respond quickly to your service request, and will recommend energy-efficient systems to save you money and improve the comfort of your commercial facility. For more information contact one of our Heating & Cooling Specialists at Lee’s Summit (816) 525-7218 or Blue Springs (816) 228-7700.

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